5 Legit Money Making Apps For Android/IOS (Apps That Pay You Cash)

The Best Money Making Apps

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We’ve extensively tested the most popular money making apps to find the ones that are both legit and worth your time, ranking them based on a combination of their earning potential, ease of use, user ratings and company reputation.

Our list is divided into the following categories: 

  • Survey apps. Earn an average of $7 per hour by answering questions about things like your interests, preferences and shopping habits.
  • Cash-back apps. Save an average of 3% on almost everything you buy online (and sometimes in-store). 
  • Gaming apps. Win cash playing games like solitaire, bingo and blackjack. Expect to pay a few dollars for the chance to win.
  • Passive income apps. These data collection apps run in the background on your smartphone or tablet, collecting data that’s used for market research purposes.
  • Investing apps. Our list focuses on apps that make it easy to invest very small amounts of money, like spare change or a few dollars at a time (often automatically).
  • Gig and sharing economy apps. Earn an average of $20 per hour working whenever you want. There are options for shopping, delivery, dog walking and more. 
  • Miscellaneous: Make money by playing games, taking pictures, completing health and fitness challenges and more (all from your phone). 
  • Apps that aren’t worth downloading: Well-known apps that we don’t recommend because they offer minuscule earning potential (sometimes as little as pennies per hour). 

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