Things to consider before marriage

Talk about children.

Talking to children is important. Do you want them both? If yes, how much? Share your vision before exchanging vows. Having children is a huge personal and financial obligation for the rest of your life. and change your relationship with your partner.

Couples get married and think it\"s something they can achieve later, or think it can change someone else\"s mind, but it rarely ends well. It\"s important to agree on this from the start. "

Individual goals and career.

Just because you are married doesn\"t mean you will no longer be able to achieve your personal dreams. It is very important to discuss such an important topic before marriage. Decide how you can achieve both goals, especially if you have children. Growing together and individually is possible if you support each other.

Financial Stability 

Money is one of the main causes of divorce.

A family\"s emotional survival depends on financial stability and tranquillity. Financial stability comes from being able to have good money management. Money management is critical for a successful and happy marriage. 

A perfect marriage or healthy relationship can be destroyed if there is financial insecurity or on the other hand it can create a very happy one if there is stable income flow and a bright career.

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