INTENSIVE One Week Baking , Small Chops, Parfait Training and Lots More.

The capacity to enter the kitchen and bring out creativity in the type of something delicious isn\"t only satisfying for the individual however it is additionally one sure approach to show love to others. 

This one week intensive training would give a host of financial and healthy benefits. By taking this lessons you will learn what constitutes a healthy snack and the ingredients you need to include in your baking.

This one week intensive training covers the following;

. Smoothie 

. Sobo

. ChinChin

. Shawarma

. Sandwich/Toast

. Pancake

. Salad

. Waffles 

. Tigernut Milk

. Yoghurt (Parfait)

The training is organized by Braithie Foodie and Toks Blend & Chops

For more information about the training you can checkout the flyer or contact the numbers below. 

Braithie Foodie: 07065824554

Toks Blend & Chops: 08174973403


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