OMG!! Is Lyta HIV Positive? (See This)

Yesterday Nigerian Singer and Naira Marley signee Lyta, was called out by Kemi Ayorinde, his baby mama.

She claimed that the young singer is not actively taking financial responsibility for the child. That Lyta is broke and couldn’t afford 13K naira for his child’s birthday balloons.

Then she said something interesting. She boldly narrated how Lyta infected her with an incurable STD.Wow! This got me thinking about the incurable STD she meant. Could it be HIV or herpes?

Because these two are the common incurable sexually transmitted diseases I know that can be transmitted to a new born baby.

Incurable simply means something that has no cure or permanent solution.

Is this girl trying to destroy the young man’s music career? Because the revelation is extreme and unnecessary.

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