All You Need To Know About Pinkoin | Inksnation Poverty Eradication Scheme

What Is Inksnation?

Inksnation* is not an investment company. Rather, Inksnation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is established to use the power of blockchain to create a digital money known as Pinkoin that will be used globally as a mean of exchange of goods and services and for settlement of debts just like fiat money (i.e. paper money).
As the creator of *Pinkoin* Inksnation is giving its registered members a grant as earlier stated and, *a minimum of N120,000* as Universal Child Basic Income on monthly basis for life. This gesture is to eradicate poverty totally among its registered members all over the world.

Once you are registered this money is in your reserve and would be available for withdrawal come 12th November

*What are the Benefits to Nigerians?*

*To Nigerians (Adults, Youths & even kids)*

From *August 2020*

1. Every single member in InksNation Nigeria will have access to Daily, Weekly, Monthly Allowances from the blockchains iBNaira Balance reducing dependencies and burden on the government parents or anybody.

2. Youths can pay for their upkeep, their schoolings, and every single thing they need for their human sustainability without disturbing their parents.

3. Upkeep, schooling, feeding & everything is taken care of for Children including for babies born daily.

4. Pregnant women will get double benefits adding the upkeep for the baby in the womb.

Reducing a host of  nationwide ills including *Crimes, prostitutions, etc*


Q* *Where is InksNation planning to get the money from?*

A* InksNation is merging cryptocurrency and philanthropism together! They are establishing the first ever crypto in Nigeria. Once the blockchain technology is finally adopted, there will be more than enough money to go round

Q* *What will i be doing on the platform to earn*

A* Absolutely nothing, just register and keep your details save till when withdrawal will start by August.

Q* *Why do I need to pay since they want to eradicate Poverty?*

A* Any of the 4 plans you decided to start with is just a way of buying  shares from the system. Without you activating, you will miss out

Q* *Will i get paid if i didn't refer*

A* *Yes definitely, this is a poverty eradicating program and not a referal based program.

Q* *Can I upgrade to a higher plan later?*

A* Absolutely you can.

Q* *Can I have 2 accounts?*

A* No, you can't! If you are caught, you will lose both immediately. Kindly register your family members and friends instead to spread the good news.

Q *How do they want to reach at least 180 million Nigerians to enact the reserve calculated funds?*

A* They are paying some of the members who volunteered to share the good news with others. Thereby expanding the value of the coin consequently.
They are also doing some aggressive marketing in the grassroots as we speak.

Q* *Is it a must I print my pinkard now?*

A* Yes! you must print it on plastic ID card but Not a must to activate it if you do not want to participate in the humanitarian service(i.e. referrals) so as not to waste the fund of the project. The 140k is only and strictly meant for those who are capable of referring people to the project.

Q* *Do they have meetings?*

A* Yes they do. That is why we all need to join their official group on telegram/WhatsApp official group.

Q* *How do I pay for me and my families*

A* Discus with the person that shared the opportunity with you to activate your accounts for you and others you may later want to involve.

*For Registration*

to register.

You can now pay to your Sponsor's Account i.e the person who introduced you to the InksNation Ecosystem and he or she will pay for you with his/her PinKard

*Membership Plans*

1. *Bronze*

SIGNUP BONUS (IBGrant ₦2,160,000 worth of iBNaira)
Monthly IBSalary ₦120,000 worth of iBNaira

2. *Silver*

SIGNUP BONUS (IBGrant ₦6,020,000 worth of iBNaira)
Monthly IBSalary ₦180,000 worth of iBNaira

3. *Gold*

SIGNUP BONUS (IBGrant ₦11,760,000 worth of iBNaira)
Monthly IBSalary ₦240,000 worth of iBNaira

4. *Diamond*

SIGNUP BONUS (IBGrant ₦100,200,000 worth of iBNaira)
Monthly IBSalary ₦300,000 worth of iBNaira

*No double accounts. Any defaulter will be banned & his/her account deleted.*

 *For simplicity*

1. Join with 1k and receive 4k daily/120k monthly. 

2. Join with 10k and receive 6k daily/180k monthly. 

3. Join with 100k and receive 8k daily/240k monthly.

4. Join with 1m and receive 10k daily/300k monthly. 


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