4 Reasons Some Nigerian Men Wait For Their Girlfriends To Get Pregnant Before Marrying Them

There are some absurd things that are being accepted in the society as the norm.
There was a time marriage was treated as a sacred institution by the youths; then pregnancy was something that could only happen after being joined in holy matrimony to a man.
However, the era of baby mamas and baby daddies has changed a lot of things in the society. It is pathetic that many people are not bothered about the erosion of culture and the taint in our present lifestyle. It is simply the norm; no law is being broken since the older generation is more than willing to back the young ones up.
Some Nigerian men would not do the needful by taking the woman they love to the altar before getting them pregnant. With this, it is now common for one to see many pregnant brides in the society. Some ladies eventually get cheated out of marriage when they get pregnant and have to move in with the bride.
Since this issue has become a major point of concern for people in Nigeria and outside it, we have found out some of the things Nigerian guys consider when they deliberately wait for their girlfriends to get pregnant before they propose marriage.
Find out some of the things below:

1. Assurance of fertility
Some Nigerian men deliberately wait for their girlfriends to get pregnant before they go through the traditional marriage rites and wedding ceremony proper.
While it is understandable that some Nigerian guys have had nasty experiences in the past where they have been tricked into marrying women who cannot give them children, they do not want this to happen again.

2. Tradition
There are some families that do not ever allow their men to get married without impregnating the woman.
Although many marriages have been delayed and canceled because of this, the tradition still holds with the older folks not yielding to pleas from the bride’s family.
This belief also contradicts that of the Christians who believe the marriage bed should be kept undefiled. Some ladies have lost their pride while trying to preserve this archaic tradition.

3. Pregnancy remind them of the need to settle down
Also, some Nigerian men wait for their girlfriends to get pregnant before getting married to them because they enjoy the freedom that comes with bachelorhood.
Having a woman who plays all the wifely roles make them too relaxed; thus, they settle down and enjoy all the benefits that come with the package.
The moment the lady gets pregnant, it dawns on them that they need to settle down and start their own family. That is when they begin to make plans for the marriage proper.

4. In order to avoid hearing stories that touch the heart
Some Nigerian men do not have any problem with a lady being pregnant before or after marriage; however, the wild tales being heard here and there put a lot of doubt in the hearts of the men.
Some of them might be sure the lady comes from a fertile root, the kind of life she has lived in the past may not be settling.
While trying not to be judgmental about the women’s pasts, men also want to know they will not have to deal with a leaking womb at the long run.

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