The 4 Random Things That Can Make A Nigerian Lady Propose To Her Boyfriend

It is almost unheard of for a Nigerian lady to propose to her boyfriend but it is possible. Women usually instigate the marriage-talk and may even end up convincing the man to propose.
It won’t be as obvious as the man’s own with a ring and on bended knee but if she is deeply in love with you and wants to marry you, she will find a way to lock you down.
Here are four random things a man can do that can move his girl to pop the question.

1. If the man is a world class hair and make-up artist
Looking good is important to most women and hair and make-up is essential to this. If a woman loves having flawless hair and stunning make-up and she meets a guy who is a professional, she may never let him go.
Don’t be surprised when you’re minding your business one day and you see she has quietly printed out her new business cards with your last name after her first name.

2. If the man is an amazing chef
Let’s start with this: who on earth doesn’t like good food? Women are trained to cook and be home keepers and the men are taught to hustle. These days, the roles are being challenged but it’s not easy to find a Nigerian man who has a passion for cooking.
If she finds you and you cook all the right meals and even inspire her to make better food, you might just find a ring in one your pastries when she is ready to make you her husband.

3. If the man is a devout Christian
Any man who is a devout Christian and draws people closer to God is a keeper, every Christian lady knows this. If you truly love God and you have a passion to serve Him and do His will, the woman you are with will know your value and if you’ve been beating round the bush, she will take the wheel and steer you down the aisle.

4. If the man is an extra-ordinary lover
In a very healthy relationship where the amazing bed passion is the cherry on top, the woman will wake up one day and decide she would rather pop the question and lock you down than have any other woman on earth enjoy what the man is giving her.

Do you agree with the list?

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