Following A Stresful Day Facilitate Your Pressure At LETOHA Grand in Makurdi.

Following A Stresful Day Facilitate Your Pressure At LETOHA Grand in Makurdi.

LETOHA Grand is a Bakery and Bistro restaurant in Makurdi city known for it's tasty variety of freshly baked bread and sumptuous meals.

LETOHA Grand Restaurant is a well furnished restaurant that prepares sweet-toothing Nigerian  cuisines.

Letoha Grand is open for your birthday parties, and events. Very affordable and it's super a home away from home, it's Letoha food.
                         Letoha's Bread


Breakfast Menu;
* Tea (Lipton)
* Chocolate
* Coffee with either of these:
* Fried bread
* Toasted Bread ( Eggs, sausage, sardine )
* Club Sandwich
* Bread & Omelets

 Meals Menu
* White Rice
* Jollof Rice
* Fried Rice
* Coconut Rice
* Chinese Rice
* Okpehe Rice
* Porridge Beans & Sweet Corn
* White Beans & Sweet Corn
* Spaghetti
* Spicy grilled potatoes
* Moi Moi with & without Eggs
* Chicken Salad
* Coleslaw
* plantain (per piece)

Soups Menu.                                Swallow Menu
* Ogbono                                   * Semovita
* Afang soup                             * Pounded yam
* Egwusi                                     * Wheat
* Bitterleaf                                 * Amala
* Oha                                          * Eba
* Vegetable
* Okoho
* ijangada
* Groundnut soup
* Beniseed soup
* Pocho/ Atyeversoup
* Nune/ Gengersoup

Let me show you how you behave after eating at Letoha

Protein Menu                                   yDrinks
* Goat Meat                             * Fresh Orange Juice
*Dry Fish                                  * Watermelon
* Catfish (fresh)                       * Zobo
* Bush Meat                              * Kunu Aya
* ice fish peppered                   * Water
* Spicy Grilled Chicken.              * Others (Coke, 
                                                        smoove etc) 
* Beef

Let's show you around LETOHA GRAND ARENA
Come experience our exquisite and delicious meals with family and friends at our bistro. Very  homely taste at very Affordable rates. Let's Eat Together @ Letoha Grand, Stefano Tor Sabo Street, off Modern Market Road, Makurdi. Look us up on Google map for Directions

Eat-in, Takeouts and Deliveries, Parties, Meetings. 
09132632377, 09017444952.

Let's Eat Together & Stay Safe!!!

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  1. Anonymous31/3/21

    I will definitely want to try this soon, but I'm not getting the description very well

  2. Anonymous1/4/21

    Makurdi babes dan get new picture studio ��

  3. Anonymous2/4/21

    This kind fine place na Makurdi e go dey... Come to Enugu

  4. Anonymous2/4/21

    A friend brought their bread and I had to go get mine the next day.

  5. Anonymous3/4/21

    their food really taste good but small

  6. Anonymous18/5/21

    I can't wait to go eat something yummy there with my boyfriend chisco ����