Reasons Why Online Shopping In Nigeria Ends In Disaster

Shopping online in Nigeria may not be as seamless as it is to do these things on or E-bay, in fact, lots of Nigerians prefer these former sites to local e-commerce ventures.

The reason isn’t so far-fetched; shopping online in Nigeria can prove to be a very terrible experience especially if you’re not street enough to understand that the Nigerian system is completely in ruins. Here are some reasons why you may have a very terrible online shopping experience.

  1. Poor Customer Service

A poor client relationship is one of the reasons why Nigerian e-commerce ventures find it hard to scale like other tech business offerings. When you cannot comfortably cater to your hoard of customers, the business will suffer.

  1. Fraudulent Buyers

Many Nigerian buyers opt for the pay on delivery feature because of trust, but at the end of the day end up wasting the vendor’s time and not accept the order.

  1. Poor Dispatch Networks

If you’ve ever had to deliver a package to the pack urgently in Lagos then you’d understand that “dispatch riders in Lagos can like to move mad”. In situations like this, you’re at their mercy and may be inconvenienced.

  1. Poor Internet Facilities

The teeming lack of good internet facilities in Nigeria means a sizeable majority of the populace would rather just head to the traditional marketplace than waste hours trying to check out a few products on Konga or Jumia.

  1. Fraudulent E-Commerce Vendors

This is very popular among the numerous Instagram fraudsters who sell products online and block you immediately you pay for a product. These people kill the online shopping culture in Nigeria.

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