How To Get Benue Bus From Eastern, Southern and Northern Nigeria

How To Get Benue Bus From Eastern, Southern and Northern Nigeria

In this post, I want to share with you, how to get benue bus from easthern, southern and Northern Nigeria. I work and live in Benue state as at the time of publishing this post. I've travelled to and fro Benue state from other states in Nigeria. So, this post will be helpful, especially to the benue corpers and fresher's for Benue varsities .

If you are coming to Benue from Lagos, you can get benue bus at at Iddo motor park (Oyingbo), Lagos State. Benue Links park in Lagos is located right there, directly opposite G. Kappa. Right there, you will also get buses going to Gboko or Otukpo in Benue State. Apart from Benue Links buses, you can also board Silver Travels buses from Lagos to Benue state. Getting to Iddo park is very easy. Just find your way to Yaba and board a keke that can drop you at iddo park. You can easily get Yaba bus from Oshodi and some other parts of Lagos. The iddo motor park is meters away from the train terminus. Lagos to benue is like 12 hours.

If you are coming to Benue State from Ijebu Ode, it's highly recommended you go to Lagos to enter a benue bus as explained above. If you go to Fari bus stop along the express, you might be delayed. No guarantee you will even see direct benue bus there. Most buses you will see there are buses going to Onitsha, Enugu or Ebonyi state. Alternatively, you can book a benue bus from Lagos and tell them to pick you up at the Fari bus stop or under the ijebu Ode bridge at the express. Silver Travels can pick you up at Ijebu Ode if you pay into their bank account before the day you want to travel.

If you are coming to benue from Enugu, ask a keke to take you to Entraco park  Enugu State Transport Co. Ltd) at no 5 Onitsha Road Opposite Radio Nigeria. You will see benue buses right there including benue links buses. Alternatively, there is SCOA buses just by the fence of the Enugu prison just before the new Government complex. They share same space with the petrol station by the road side. If you are closer to 9th Mile or Obollo Affor, no need going to Enugu town, you can also get cars that can bring you down to Benue state from there. Those towns are closer to Benue state. Enugu to Makurdi, benue state is like 4 hours. Enugu to Otukpo, Benue state is like 3 hours.

If you want to travel to Benue state from Abuja, you can go to Sharp corner motor park at Mararaba. There are lots of benue buses and cars right there including De Young, Ejifa Motors, Dominion Motors etc You can also get benue bus under bride at Nyanya. Benue links park in Abuja is also located beside Rajab Plaza, Opposite Area three (3) Junction, Durumi ABUJA.

If you are coming to Benue from Onitsha in Anambra State, just go to Upper Iweka and take a bike to Benue Links park at Menax Field. You will benue buses right there. Onitsha to Makurdi is like 5 - 6 hours.

If you want to travel to Benue state from Port Harcourt River State, you can get benue bus at Oil Mill bus stop at Aba road. Benue links park in port harcourt is located behind Oil Mill Bus Stop, by Ajiro Motors.

If you are coming to Benue from a state not mentioned above, you can check addresses of benue links parks in Nigeria at

If you are coming to Benue from Abeokuta in Ogun State just take a bike from wherever you are to rounder before you get to the roundabout there and also tell the bike Man you are going to Benue links park.

At Benue links transport company parks, you can also get lagos bus and buses to other parts of Nigeria. Benue links park in Makurdi, benue state is at Gboko road, very close to the food basket roundabout.

I hope this helps.

There are cheap hotels in Benue and lots of fun places you can always hang out. Feel free to contact me if you need help.

Safe Journey!

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